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Posted Date: 03/04/2017

Cavazos Elementary celebrated their 100 days in school on Thursday, February 2, 2017.  Students, teachers, and staff were encouraged to decorate their very own t-shirts, hats, glasses, and necklaces by gluing, drawing or sewing 100 items on them and wearing them to school. 

The whole campus enjoyed a break from their normal routines.  Librarian Edith Vera supplied the teachers with a packet of 100 day activities.   The packet contained an assortment of math problems, writing examples, and games based on the number 100.   Some of the activities included stringing cheerios for math, rolling race to 100, flipping a coin 100 times, estimating, writing your name in 100 seconds on the computer, creating inspirational poems for writing, doing ten different exercises ten times during PE, and the most original one of all was to create a monster with 100 body parts.   


Ms. Veronica Hernandez’ 3rd Grade Class Displays Their Extra-large Monsters With 100 Body Parts. Kneeling Left To Right: Juan Perez, Jose Lopez, Rogelio Hernandez, Kaylie Castillo Standing Left To Right: Javier Flores, Jhaqueline Gonzalez, Ismael Botello, Miguel Robles, Ezequiel Jasso, Christopher Manzano, Anngela Gonzalez, Rafael Guillen, Brissa Perales, Jailene Morales, Ms. Veronica Hernandez, And Anuar Guerrero.

Cavazos Elementary used the 100th day of school activities to construct an enjoyable celebration and to provide memorable learning.  Cavazos students displayed leadership, social and physical skills, and as an added bonus they developed new friendships with others in their class.

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate the 100th day of school, with some planning and great enthusiasm, everyone on campus benefits!