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Posted Date: 03/04/2017

                  Rio Grande author, Xavier Garza visited Cavazos Elementary on Friday, February 3, 2017.  It was an exciting day to finally come face to face with the author that had all the student body and especially the 4th graders in Mr. Raul Garza’s class excited about reading.  “Meeting author/illustrator Xavier Garza was a great experience for out class.  Hearing him tell his stories made it obvious how much he loves story telling.  Our class read several of his books, wrote a sequel to his book Max and the Lucha Libre Club and learned the value of preserving our heritage,” commented Mr. R. Garza.  Students also had the opportunity to purchase his books and have them officially autographed.   As a bonus Mr. X. Garza also drew and autographed several cartoon illustrations for students and staff. 


Left To Right: 4th Grade Enthusiasts; Damian Villalpando Dressed As Rey Misterio, Diego Gonzalez Also Dressed Asrey Misterio, Thom Torres And Bryan Gomez Dressed As “Los Hermanos Calavera,” Second Row: Raul Castaneda, Alexander Dominquez, Leon Chavez, Javier Villaigran 3rd Row: Maritza Hernandez, Jocelyn Olvera, Erica Hernandez, Lessly Salinas 4th Row: Valerie Gonzalez, Michelle Verdin, And Zuleyka Taboada

                  Xavier Garza writes about what he knows.  He’s books are primarily based on his own experiences growing up in Rio Grande City.  Some of his title include; Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys, which contain stories he heard from his parents and grandparents.  His “Lucha Libre” series is based on his admirations to great Mexican wrestlers like El Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras. He has also written Juan y el Chupacabras, Charro Claus & the Tejas Kid, and Maximilian & the Mystery of the Guardian Angel to name a few. 

                  Reading and writing connections ensures that the stories in his book along with the student’s new ones, will live for generations to come.  Cavazos Elementary would like to thank Xavier Garza for reminding us to practice writing every day, to read a lot, and to write our own stories down, so they are not lost or forgotten. 


Showing Off Their Autographed Illustrations With Author Xavier Garza; Zhendel And Pablo Hernandez.