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Posted Date: 03/03/2017

Technology at Cavazos


  Technology is everywhere,  changes continuously, it affects the way we do things at home and especially in school.  At Cavazos Elementary each 5th grade student has on hand a Chrome book, Kindle or an iPad available to use for class assignments.  

             Students at Cavazos Elementary are reaching for the goal and meeting the 21st century technology expectations.  Mrs. Cynthia Leija is part of the La Joya Apple Academy for 2016-2017 and encourages all teachers to apply for entrance into the academy.  This year she was awarded 5 iPads for her students along with a MacBook, plus she also received an iPad to utilize in her classroom.  In her 5th grade class, students are using their devices for Reading, Math, and Social Studies assignments.  Her students have also been given a Google account to save their documents onto their Google Drive, making it easy to keep and locate all their work in one place.  Mrs. Leija effectively integrates technology into her subject areas on a daily basis; she commented that it helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.  


            They, however, are not the only grade level perusing the technology excitement.   Kinder classes have asked for email accounts for their students as a way to introduce them to the basics of technology.  Being able to send and receive messages gets the six year olds extremely excited.


 Third and fourth graders are all about the competition!  They use technology math games and compete against each classroom, teaching students that in order to get problems correct and win, they must learn how to work and solve problems together.

As for the Gifted and Talented students learning technology is in high demand.  They have been provided with their own safe and free Edmodo account under their teacher’s main account.  They have been participating in online discussions, have taken quizzes, learned how to take notes, upload links, videos, and documents.  Students are able to see immediate feedback after posting their assignments and get suggestions on other questions or concerns. 


 Here at Cavazos Elementary we are changing the way we teach.  We understand that there are different kinds of learners and one way we are reaching them is by using technology to enhance the relationship between the teacher and their students.